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Sharing Our Personal Spiritual Development Accelerated Process in Action

I Dont Owe You My Body: Two Old Structures Collide

Meghan inadvertently purges a neediness regarding affection all over Zach, playing out an old pattern. This in turn, provokes an old one in his about his gayness once again getting in the way of connecting. Do they make it through healing the clash of such deep-rooted, painful structures?

Hold Them MF Feelings

Zach learns the importance of looking at hard situations (specifically sexual assault in this case) through clear eyes, rather than letting our internal defenses downplay it to protect ourselves (after the initial event), inevitably trapping feelings in our body to get in our way later. Healing requires being willing to really look at what’s in front of us as the process unfolds.

Gold Aint So Pure

Zach embarks on his first solo process – discovering how old beliefs of perfectionism can mess with spiritual work and life in general…

Let There Be Greg

Zach recounts his experience as the victim of a violent hate crime, and in turn what was created subconsciously to protect him…