"The Process"

Accelerated Spiritual Development Process Work Explained

Spiritual Counseling During These Times

Due to the financial hardships and emotional support required during these times, Meghan has switched to a sliding scale option for spiritual counseling and development sessions. The larger collective process is hitting us all individually and in different ways, and learning how to emotionally purge, align to the stronger, clearer space, and grow from it all is key.

What is Exactly is the Accelerated Spiritual Development Path?

The path of accelerated spiritual development is less of a “path” and more of a process (or “process work”). If you’ve ever watched master processor Iyanla Vanzant (Meghan’s teacher) in action, she will constantly refer to “trusting the process”. No truer words have ever been spoken. This path is not easy, nor is it for the weak of heart. But it works, over and over, as long as a person continues to be willing to work it.

The process itself starts with an intention and willingness to align the body, mind and heart with the spirit’s natural state. This usually involves going deep underneath our defenses to see what they’re actually defending. This is often the most difficult part, as the defenses sometimes come with a built-in blind spot. Though with people trained in process work, some of the signs that there may be something to look at underneath are there (which is part of the coaching).

As always, a person’s free will and intuition will always win, as the coaches will simply alert the person in process as to what they’re seeing and ask them to investigate it (with or without support). A refusal to investigate something is often sign of a defense in action. However, there are stages to the game and not every piece is going to be ready to move at every step. We also practice being gentle, loving and non-judgmental with ourselves as possible throughout the journey.

One the willingness is there and the intention is activated, the body will follow intent and begin to align towards its natural spiritual state. In turn, it will present (through various means, including showing up in the immediate surroundings as themes, etc) what needs attention in order to get there. Some of the most common ones include…

  • Trapped emotional bubbles (we call “emotional purges” – basically old feelings that were never felt that need to be in order to release)
  • False belief systems (these take longer as they are energetic constructs that create filters over our perception, often created out of fear. They can also create patterns in relationships, etc.)
  • Deep fear, wounds and pain
  • “core beliefs” about the self (on some level a person carrying the sense that they’re just not inherantly good enough, worthy, loveable, etc)

These also often need to be re-trained and re-framed in order to come into alignment with the intuition and spirit.

Another major aspect we work with is aligning to the spiritual senses in order to be able to tell what is what. The idea is not to need coaching forever. These spiritual development skills that are taught during this process are kept for life, ultimately changing the way a person navigates and experiences the world. Some of the skill sets we focus on are as follows:

  • Intuition
  • Connecting to the Higher Self (or True Spirit/the part of you that KNOWS)
  • Ability to feel and recognize energies
  • Clarity Feed Channels (depending on the individual’s nature), which can include visions, sound, epiphanies, etc
  • Recognition of the larger spiritual picture/network
  • Tapping into life purpose and inner calling

There are a couple of things that make this particular space unique. Meghan trained in a two year intensive program (Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development) with master processor, Iyanla Vanzant in 2005-2007. Following internal spiritual guidance, she took that skill set and brought it out into the Amazon, where she spent five years apprenticing with Ayahuasca shamans and co-running a healing center there (still involved with prep/integrations and running groups – visit Beyond the Ceremony for more info.)

Having over 250 Ayahuasca ceremonies through the lens of spiritual development process work made all the difference. Both paths fed each other, as the Ayahuasca Medicine accelerated the Process Work path even more efficiently, the Medicine work clarified and taught more about it along the way.

The path is wild. People see stuff you just can’t make up! But when a person is aligning to their own true spirit and intuition, they begin to see it for themselves. While this is a lifelong path, every new discovery, release, epiphany, heart-opening, emotional purge, etc brings not only relief, but an aliveness that hadn’t previously been experienced.

This path is a lot. Sometimes it’s messy and hard as hell. It’s also the most beautiful, real thing many of us have ever seen. The work can change so many aspects of life, including…

  • Relationships and Family
  • Friendships/Social Life
  • Finances
  • Career/Life Purpose
  • Health and Wellness/Weight Loss
  • Spiritual Peace and Satisfaction
  • Parenting
  • And so much more

Anything has the chance of being healed. If something in you stirs at the idea of tapping into who you really are underneath everything that you’re not, chat with us. We do free consults to see if we believe we can help you out in this work.

 During the sessions, we offer whatever is necessary of the following…

  • Spiritual Development Language and Concept Training
  • Spiritual Communication Training (within one’s self and God/Universe)
  • Deep Process Work
  • Energetic Medicine Ceremony (often necessary to support an emotional purging process or to move stubborn defenses or blocks – still works over distance).
  • Priority on trips to the Amazon to work with the Ayahuasca Medicine (only if that is a spirit draw and the person also qualifies – Medicine work is not for everyone).

Looking forward to chatting with you. For more details about our personal processes (and personalities!) check out the blog section of the website.

Big love everyone!

Stay tuned for projects in the works! Group coaching, Coaching Apprenticeship Program and our YouTube Channel!

Find us on Instagram (@beyond_meghan, @zachshalack) as well as visit our sister site (focused on spiritual development through Ayahuasca Medicine) Beyond the Ceremony.

Reach out if you feel something! We got you:)

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